Pre-Owned Vision X6100 Elliptical


Pre-Owned Vision X6100 Elliptical

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The Vision Fitness X6100 enables users to program the machine for different options for its programs including manual, fat burn, and intervals. The console displays common feedback for distance, calories burned, heart rate, and speed. If you use the machine in a room that is not well lit, the blue backlit STN LCD console will enable you to read the feedback. The system reads heart rate from the handgrips. The drive train consists of a poly-V belt that is designed with Quite-Glide ®, which the maker refers to as super silent. The arms on the Vision X6100 are longer than most ellipticals. This feature is designed to provide a workout that is extra smooth. The pedals are standard, but are constructed so that the user can enjoy a workout that simulates natural movement.