Precor S3.21 Home Gym w/ Leg Press


Precor S3.21 Home Gym w/ Leg Press

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Precor S3.21 Home Gym w/ Leg Press

The used Precor S3.21 Home Gym is a single-station unit offering over 30 different exercises performed off the same weight stack. It helps you reach your resistance training goals through a variety of workouts including squats, rows, triceps presses, abdominal crunches,squats and more. The system is easy to use: simply adjust the counter-balanced press arm into position to start the next exercise.
The outstanding design of the Precor S3.21 allows you to have a club quality workout in the comfort of your own home. It is one of the more comfortable, most versatile home gyms youll find on the market, and one you wont be ashamed to show off to your guests.

• 208lb. Weight Stack

Condition: Excellent