Pre-Owned Woodway Desmo Treadmill #1


Pre-Owned Woodway Desmo Treadmill #1

$10,000.00 $4,299.99


Every Woodway treadmill is all built with our patented slat-belt running surface, a Desmo Home Treadmill is the same commercial grade machine you would find at your favorite fitness facility.
You want the best for obvious reasons, why not have the world’s finest treadmill available at your leisure? You will appreciate having the smoothest and most comfortable running surface and can be confident that you are not impacting your household due to its near silent operation. The best part, you do not have to worry about maintenance because a Woodway will last up to 10 times longer than a conventional treadmill.
There are conventional treadmills and then there are Slat Belt treadmills by WOODAY USA. Our patented running surface is unlike any other. You will rave about how great it feels to run on the rubberized slats, your joints and connective tissues will also take notice. The Desmo is near silent, so you can carry on a conversation or turn down the TV a notch.

The Desmo running surface provides ample space and best of all there is no hood, so you can utilize the full running surface with a totally natural gait pattern.


The Slat Belt running surface is incredibly durable. Lasting up to 150,000 miles without a single belt change or deck swap, it was designed to make up for conventional treadmills shortcomings, most notably wear and friction. The rubberized slats are built like a tank, literally. With 114 ball bearings the belt glides, which results in years of life with very little maintenance and up to 50% in electrical savings. There is no need to adjust or tension the belt, our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley.

The result, the lowest maintenance and lowest total cost of ownership of any treadmill, so you can worry about more important things, like your workout.

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