Pre-Owned Vectra 1650 Home Gym


Pre-Owned Vectra 1650 Home Gym

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The 1650 is the second generation machine featuring the unique “Fixed or Free Weight Selection System.” The 1600 was a tremendous hit, and the 1650 promises to be even more popular with many new innovations, including the cross-chest fly station. First and foremost, the On-Line 1650 offers a free-weight mode far superior to any previous system (see at right for details). In addition, this feature can be easily switched off by selecting the fixed mode, which offers an unsurpassed natural arc press motion.

Exercises – Bench/Decline/Incline Press, Shrugs, Butterfly, Bicep Curl, Dips, Back Lateral, Inner/Outer Thigh Pull, Back Kick, Leg Extension/Curl, Seated Row, Twisting Oblique, Shoulder Press, Ab Crunch, Lat Pull, Triceps Press Down, Standing Calf Raises, Abdominal Reverse Curl, Squat