Pre-Owned Star Track Spinner V


Pre-Owned Star Track Spinner V

$1,899.99 $699.99


While other bikes have not been designed with the proper adjustments to accommodate all sizes of riders, the V-bike was developed with specific protocols and design parameters to provide riders of all sizes and fitness levels an effective and rewarding cycling experience. 
As the handlebar and seat posts are raised, the distance between the two increases in proper geometric proportion (the seat moves away from the handlebars), thus, the V-bike accommodates even the tallest riders. In addition, the fore and aft handle bar adjustment allows riders to find the most comfortable position without having to compromise their seat post angle. There’s even a micro-adjustment that allows riders to “dial in” the exact right height for their particular seat and handlebars. 
With a perfectly balanced 40-pound flywheel, the Star Trace V-bike is engineered to produce appropriate inertial levels that provide a “true cycling” feel at high rpm (revolutions per minute). 
Proper inertia provides a rider with more control and puts him or her at less risk of knee injury. As a result, the V-bike is one of the safest and most non-intimidating indoor group bikes in the industry.

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