Precor 885 Treadmill w/ Touch Screen


Precor 885 Treadmill w/ Touch Screen

$12,355.99 $4,999.99

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Water Bottle and Accessories Holder – Dual holders with rubber over mold cradles exerciser’s water bottle to keep it stable. Accessory tray securely supports exercisers cell phone, keeping it front and center, along with ample room for keys, membership card, etc.
Accessories Holder(s)-  Yes
Transport Wheels – Yes
Auto Stop – Step sensor detection stops a moving running belt when there is no exerciser.
Reversible Deck – Yes
Motor – IFT-Drive controller works with a new, high efficiency 4 HP AC motor that delivers improved performance, reliability and efficiency.
Emergency Stop – Safety clip and lanyard attached to the stop switch to immediately turn off power bringing the treadmill to a stop. The lanyard and safety clip can be conveniently attached to a thoughtful tab located underneath the front handrail.
Integrated Footplant Technology™ – Fully complements exerciser’s natural running stride, reducing joint stress and fatigue.
Ground Effects® Impact Control System – Yes. New and improved progressive shock absorption system that absorbs high-impact movements and supports a solid and controlled push off.
Frame – New frame design results in an ultra-stable console, solid feel, and quiet operation.
Deck and Belt – Seigling E8 multi-ply polyester belt with optimized lubrication integrated into the material, exclusive to Precor.

The running belt is combined with a pre-waxed deck that offers added lubrication especially during the initial break-in period of the treadmill.

The combination of the exclusive optimized running belt with pre-waxed deck yields a long lasting system. However, when the running belt does need to be replaced and the deck flipped, this service can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

The deck is mounted to the GFX system independent of the frame resulting in a stable, quieter treadmill.

Elevation System – Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation.
Rollers – Steel tapered rollers keep the belt centered to reduce maintenance and noise.
Power-Factor Correction – Next generation motor drive system draws up to 30% less amps resulting in improved performance and efficiency.