Welcome to PreOwnedFitness.com

Preownedfitness.com is a web site designed to assist Houstonians in locating quality fitness equipment at a fraction of the new price. Fitness center owners as well as fitness minded individuals within the greater Houston area shop with Preownedfitness.com everyday for the best prices on name brand exercise equipment.

Preownedfitness.com is owned by Eclat Inc. The same corporation that owned Fitness Unlimited, Busy Body, and Winston Fitness. For 30+ Years we have been the strongest specialty fitness company in the state of Texas! PreownedFitness.com works with many specialty fitness retailers to supply you with the highest quality, best brand names of fitness equipment available in the world. Equipment listed on our site comes by way of trade-ins from these retail locations or from individuals looking to resale equipment they may have. All of our equipment is sold locally.

Preownedfitness.com not only provides you with hassle free low priced equipment, but warrants all equipment sold from any of its 12 company locations. Choose from name brands like Life Fitness, Precor, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Landice, Sportsart, Hoist, Quantum, Parabody, Nautilus, Body Solid, Bow Flex, Intel, Pro Spot, Vision, and much much more! Regardless of the brand you choose, Preownedfitness.com will supply you with the best customer service in the Houston area. Remember, we are not a new company, nor are we loyal to one particular brand… Our goal is simply to provide you with quality fitness equipment at the best price!