NEW! ProSpot HG1 Self Spotting Weight Lifting System


NEW! ProSpot HG1 Self Spotting Weight Lifting System

$1,999.99 $999.99


TWO Left in boxes and one floor model available

An outstanding feature of the Fusion line is its cutting-edge appearance. Unique V-frame design, sapphire-blue ambient lighting and smoky, semi-transparent flat-panel front is truly eye-catching. The HG-1 also features flared, curved side panels for a truly unique look. From brushed aluminum lettering, embossed end caps and decorative cut outs to the mesh side panels and clear coat finish, nothing has been overlooked. This is one piece of fitness equipment you’ll be proud to display in your home! The Fusion HG-1 is an impressive home gym with the strength and dependability you need to reach your fitness goals. Virtually any free weight barbell exercise can be performed – from curls and presses to lunges, squats and hang cleans. Included high/low pull provides various cable exercises. Whatever you fitness level, the HG-1 is your perfect workout partner. * Grab & Go® Operation * Olympic touch sensor barbell with spring clips * Dual-weight barbell loading system * 200-lb selectorized weight stack * Barbell Holder secures barbell when performing chin ups * Cup holder * Hooks for securing lat bar * Side-to-side barbell ratcheting * Spot Blocks * Wheelchair accessible * Vinyl-coated, aircraft-grade cables, each rated for 2,000 pounds * 750-lb capacity